principal creative director • IVES MEDIA, LLC
for more than a decade, i have had the great privilege to work as a communications director, story producer, visual artist, and consultant for nonprofit organizations, film companies, artists, conscious companies, and startups.
the majority of my work has been in collaboration with Native and Indigenous communities and sustainable development initiatives in North America, particularly with the Oglala Lakota Nation. I also enjoy working with small companies and startups to develop communication strategies and deliver practical, artful designs, and marketing collateral.
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currently offering  •
strategic communications and immersive storytelling
cultural & environmental sensitivities consulting for brands, films, and companies
event, commercial, documentary, and product photography - (Starting at $350)
branding, logo design, business cards, and marketing collateral - (Starting at $250+)
professional website design and development - (Starting at $800)
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