photographer  •  explorer  •  storyteller
my art focuses on unique and undervalued perspectives; i look for moments of alignment that highlight different ways of being in the world. i have been photographing people and natural environments professionally for nearly two decades using both film and digital cameras. my first action in the creation of a photograph is to sit with the totality of the environment i am in and reflect on the interconnectivity of the colors, textures, objects, emotions, and history.
through this meditation i observe the superficiality of the visual experience; the cream-like bits that naturally settle to the top and which others may eagerly consume. in my practice, i skim this visual glare aside to focus on what undervalued perspectives may lie beneath. my goal is to draw viewers in with fresh curiosity that expands into an investigation of the image and themselves.
i appreciate you spending some time here on my website. please contact me if you are interested in prints, gallery showings, or to work with me on your next media project.
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